If you have a computer science background, please consider volunteering with TEALS. Our schools need you! Rarely are there opportunities within your field of expertise to volunteer and give back to the community.

TEALS volunteer Steven teaches AP CS at Rainier Beach High School.

TEALS volunteer Steven teaches AP CS at Rainier Beach High School.

The Volunteer Role

All TEALS volunteers work with a partner classroom teacher and get to interact directly with students. In addition to your role as an instructor, you’ll share with the students your personal story and help inspire them to explore a career or education in computer science. As part of placement in a teaching team, volunteers are assigned one of two roles: teacher and teaching assistant (TA). Teachers and TAs attend class and work with students during lab. Teachers prepare and deliver lessons, while TAs focus on grading assignments. The TA time commitment is slightly smaller than that of the teacher.

The Volunteer Opportunity and Commitment

TEALS offers a unique opportunity for technology professionals to co-teach computer science in a high school, and help establish a sustainable computer science program at the school.

There’s no beating around the bush. Volunteering with TEALS requires an extraordinary commitment. Most of our high school classes meet 1st period so volunteers can teach and get in to work, which can mean teaching as early as 7:30am.

Each school is different and volunteers’ experiences vary greatly. Our model allows a degree of flexibility by putting volunteers in teams of usually 4 per class. Teaching teams manage their own schedules, but we expect all team members to attend approximately 50% of class sessions so that there are 2 volunteers in the classroom each day the class meets. We also run a mandatory training program for volunteers during the summer. We expect volunteers to spend 20 hours in online and in-person training sessions, plus another 20 hours working with their teaching team and doing homework.

Additional Volunteer Resources