Published Papers

Reflections of a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Working Group based on Data from a National CS Education Program (2018)

In the US, many groups of students are underrepresented in computer science (CS) classes at the K-12 level. Many of the activities of TEALS have the potential to impact the diversity of students enrolled in CS classes, student performance on AP exams, and student attitudes towards CS careers. Read More >

Preparing and Supporting Industry Professionals as Volunteer High School Computer Science Co-Instructors (2017)

The rapid expansion of computer science (CS) education across the United States has left schools struggling to find teachers for CS classrooms. One approach to supplementing school and teacher expertise is to use industry professionals as volunteers in the classroom. Read More >

TEALS: Teacher Professional Development Using Industry Volunteers (2016)

Rising demand for high school computer science courses in the United States has created pressure to increase the number of computer science(CS) teachers in a short amount of time. In this experience report, we present the TEALS program as a unique, high-touch, professional development… Read More >