Classroom Raffle Guidelines

Raffle kits are for Co-teach and Lab Support classes only.  Included in our raffle kits are various entertainment and gifts to give away to students.

Raffles are a way to increase student engagement and reinforce positive behaviors. TEALS recommends raffles to encourage student to participate in class, complete assigned work, etc. Raffle tickets can encourage students who are hesitant to engage in something new to step out and try it.

The TEALS Program encourages greater use of raffles in the beginning of the year. This generally results in less need for them later in the year since the norms of participation have been established. Raffles can be a productive way to manage classroom issues as well. If off-task becomes an issue without an obvious underlying reason, rewarding those who exhibit positive behavior can encourage others to follow suit.

“I have found that what they actually win after their name is drawn doesn’t really matter much to them. High School students tend to be competitive and really enjoy being recognized” Keithe Williams, TEALS Regional Manager

Action Items:

  1. Review the 2nd page of this letter, understand the daily, weekly, and monthly raffle items. The TEALS Program expects your raffle kit swag to be enough the duration of your course.
  2. If you received more than one raffle kit:
    1. Contact your TEALS Regional Manager so that they are made aware.
    2. You may have multiple TEALS CS classes being delivered, and you’re listed as the primary contact. Please work with the other Lab Support and Co-Teach TEALS teachers to ensure that they receive their class raffle kit.
  3. If you have any questions about the TEALS Raffle kit, please direct them to your Regional Manager or TEALS Support at


  • Raffle Tickets and Raffle Ballot Boxes are included in every Raffle Kit for new schools. Raffle Tickets should be distributed whenever students participate in class, answer questions, etc. Make it fun!

NOTE: For returning schools, Raffle Boxes and Raffle Tickets from last year should be used.

  • Each kit will have 3 types of items (daily, weekly, monthly) to be raffled off or distributed in accordance to the item’s respective distribution type.
    1. DAILY ITEMS: Use the candy as you see fit on a daily basis (e.g. reward a student for participation, asking a good question, helping another student, etc.)
    2. WEEKLY ITEMS: A variety of weekly items are included for raffling once a week for the entirety of the course.
    3. MONTHLY ITEMS: A variety of monthly items are included for raffling once a month for the entirety of the course.

Raffle Kit Contents and Sizes:

  • Full Year Courses (distributed in August/September)
  • 1st Semester Only Courses (distributed in August/September)
  • 2nd Semester Only Course (distributed in January)
Daily Items Bag of Candy 6 3
Weekly Items Water Bottles 4 2
Weekly Items Sunglasses 8 4
Weekly Items Mobile Device Pockets 8 4
Weekly Items Stylus Pens 8 4
Monthly Items USB Memory Stick 3 1
Monthly Items Bluetooth Earbuds 2 1
Monthly Items Phone pop-it 2 1
Monthly Items Aluminum TEALS Water bottle 2 1
Monthly Items Thumb Twiddler 2 1
N/A Raffle Tickets (New classes only) 1 1
N/A Raffle Boxes (New classes only) 1 1


  • Based on information from your school’s application and your TEALS Dashboard, TEALS Operations will send the Raffle Kit to the designated Shipping Contact for each school/team.
    • FULL YEAR courses will receive a full kit approximately within 1 week of school start.
    • SEMESTER ONLY courses will receive a half kit approximately within 1 week of class start, so 2nd semester kits get sent separately.


  • If schools and volunteers need a refill of raffle kit items when the course has not yet concluded, simply email with your request.
  • Include your name, school, and Regional Manager in the email
  • The following items can be refilled:
    • Candy
    • Water Bottles
    • Stylus Pens
    • Phone Wallets
    • Sunglasses
  • Please allow 7-10 days for processing and shipping of raffle items.