Tutorial Picker – Hour Of Code

Use this page to help select a tutorial for the Hour Of Code based on your students and resources. You can view all of the available tutorials at http://www.code.org/learn.

1) Will students have access to devices (computers, laptops, tablets, or phones)?
Yes, one device per student.
Yes, one device per 2 students
No, students will not be using devices.


























Not a problem! There are “unplugged” tutorials that are done without devices.
We recommend one of the following:

Both of the above tutorials work very well for elementary or middle school students, and can be adapted for more high school students.
There are additional “unplugged” activities suitable for high school students at http://www.csunplugged.org/


























Not a problem! In this case, the students will work in “Pair Programming” on whichever tutorial you select.
In a Pair Programming activity, students work in teams of two. There are two roles: “Driver” and “Navigator.” Students should switch between the two roles a few times during the activity (as directed by an instructor). Be sure to explain the Driver and Navigator roles to the students. You can read more about pair programming here.

Once you’ve had a chance to read up on Pair Programming, proceed to the next question



























2) What age are your students?
Pre-readers (approx grades k-2)
Elementary School students who can read
Middle or High School students

























Wonderful! There are some great tutorials designed for students who aren’t yet able to read. We recommend:

Note that you can download these tutorials as apps in advance of your activity in case you are worried about reliable internet access


























3) Can you rely on having a fast internet connection during your Hour of Code activity?
Not really

























No worries. We can make it work:

  • If you are using iOS or Android devices, download The Foos – [Teacher’s Guide] prior to your activity.
  • If you are using Mac or PC desktop or laptop computers, download Blockly to each computer ahead of time.

























Great – We’ve got lots of choices for you.


























3) Do you need to accommodate blind students with screen reader technology?

























OK. The best tutorial for use with screen readers is:


























4) Will your students be able to hear the sound from their device (through speakers or headphones)?

























No problem! These tutorials don’t rely on sound:

























5) What type of devices will the students use?
iPhone or Android Smartphones
iPad or Android Tablet
Desktop or Laptop computers (including PC, Mac, Chromebook)

























Great! These tutorials work on smartphones:




























OK, great! The following tutorials work well on tablets:



























6) Can you rely on having a fast internet connection during your Hour of Code activity?
Not really
Yes, definitely




























No problem. In that case:

  • Download Blockly to each computer ahead of time.




























OK, great! You’ve got lots of choices: