Remote Volunteer Travel

Thank you for being a Remote Volunteer!

We understand remote teaching presents its own set of challenges. One challenge is not being able to see your students in person to more easily build a relationship with them. To help bridge that gap, TEALS provides up to $1,200 for travel per co-teach team (assumes 4 volunteers) and $600 for travel per Lab Support team (assume 2 volunteers). This allows one to visit your school, meet your teacher and students in person, and see the positive impact you have on their education.

TEALS encourages the volunteer teams to travel to their school once a year (twice if the school has a new Intro (Snap!) class starting in the 2nd semester), with that visit happening very early in the year. Seeing your classroom teacher and students face-to-face early in the school year greatly helps with all future remote communication with them.

We sincerely hope you will use this resource so you can see how important your time is to your students. Below, you will find the steps for taking advantage of this resource.


**Three (3) Weeks Before your Trip**

  • Coordinate travel dates with your in-service classroom teacher
  • Once you have decided on dates, contact your Regional Manager (RM) to get approval
  • Your RM will put you in touch with Travel Leaders, our travel agency who will take care of all your travel accommodations. Travel Leaders will want the following information from you:
    • Will you be flying or driving? If you are flying:
      • Your desired departure/arrival airports
      • Your desired departure/arrival dates/times
      • NOTE: Due to potential high costs, make sure to get pre-approval from your RM if traveling by plane
    • Whether you will need a rental car or not
      • NOTE: To help keep costs down, we assume teaching teams will carpool together


**Paying for your Trip**

Travel Leaders will pay for your hotel, car and airfare (if necessary) expenses so you are not out of pocket. However, if you want to pay for these expenses yourself (i.e. you want the points on your credit card), then you may do that as well – but all costs must be pre-approved by your Regional Manager.


**During your Trip**

  • Talk to your RM for tips and suggestions as to what to do during an in-person visit.
  • Take time to learn about your students and their school.
  • Enjoy time visiting your school and the local community!
  • Save all of your receipts. They are required to get reimbursed.


**After your Trip**

  • Submit receipts and an expense report to Travel Leaders


**Expense Limits**

TEALS provides a generous budget for remote teams to visit their classrooms, but we still very much appreciate doing what you can to keep expenses down as the savings do add up and allows for more classroom visits across the program. To that end, the budget assumes hotel double occupancy (where appropriate) and carpooling (if you are within driving distance of your remote school).

  • $1,200 for travel per Co-teach team (assumes 4 volunteers) and $600 for travel per Lab Support team (assume 2 volunteers)
  • Up to $150 per night for Hotel with receipts
  • Up to $75 a day for meals with receipts
  • Gas with receipts (preferred), or Personal car mileage @ $0.58/mile USD (2019 IRS Mileage Rate) [$0.58/kilometer CDN]
  • Taxi, bus, train travel with receipt
  • NOTE: We do not reimburse for travel insurance or alcohol
  • NOTE: We do not reimburse for treats for the classroom or morale events (pizza parties, etc)


**Travel & Budget Limits / Airfare**

  • We do believe this budget is sufficient for full teams to travel once a year to their schools (twice if the school has a new Intro (Snap!) class starting in the 2nd semester). If you feel as though you need more budget (e.g. expensive airfare), please contact your Regional Manager for pre-approval.