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Rural and Distance Hardware Wizard
Remote Classroom Equipment Wizard
The TEALS Program works to bring Computer Science to students in every high school. For some schools this means bringing tech industry Volunteers into the classroom remotely. The first step to bringing this experience to your students is equipping your classroom for Remote teaching. This wizard is designed to give you custom equipment recommendations based on your classroom configuration and expected class size. After completing this wizard, you will have recommendations for both:
Required Equipment
Student Microphone Equipped Headsets
Student Webcams
Classroom Camera
Classroom Speaker and Microphone
Optional Equipment
Teacher Headset
Second Monitor for Students and Teacher
Classroom Layout
If you have not yet setup your lab or have the option to change it, we have provided a guide to weight the benefits of each layout. We strongly recommend layouts that allows the camera to capture students from one angle. (Layouts A,D,E)

 Features  A  B  C  D  E  F
 All screens can be seen from the front of the room
 All screens can be seen from the back of the room
 Allows for a camera to capture all students’ faces from one angle
 Allows students to both view the screen and their computer screen at the same time
 Wiring for computer can be more easily managed
To begin our recommendations, tell us about the classroom your TEALS Computer Science classes will be held in. Choose the classroom layout that most closely matches your classroom. A camera recommendation will be made based on this layout.

Classroom Layouts - If you are unable to view, choose <q>Other</q> below and describe

If other, please describe how many directions your students face went seated at their desks. (For example, option C indicates students facing in three directions.)