School info sessions

See how you can bring inclusive computer science to your high school.

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Overview of the TEALS Program

Watch this video to learn about our impact on computer science education for students and how to apply to partner with the TEALS Program.

Key information timestamps:

  • 01:49 Why computer science?
  • 03:23 What is TEALS?
  • 03:55 Where does TEALS operate
  • 05:01 TEALS impact
  • 06:06 Next steps

How the TEALS Program works

Watch this video to learn details about teacher support models, curricula options, and partnership requirements.

Key information timestamps:

  • 01:00 What is TEALS?
  • 02:00 How TEALS works
  • 03:41 Supported curricula
  • 04:32 Remote support
  • 05:07 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • 05:51 TEALS volunteers
  • 06:23 Partnership requirements
  • 08:02 Next steps