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Nine out of ten parents want their child to study computer science but only 25% of high schools in America offer computer science courses to their students. That’s where you come in.TEALS builds sustainable CS high school programs by pairing trained computer science professionals – from across the tech industry – with classroom teachers to team-teach CS. Every student deserves a chance to learn these essential skills. By joining the effort to educate teachers and students alike, you will create a ripple effect giving current and future students the opportunity to be innovators and creators of technology.

Want to learn how rewarding teaching high school CS is? Find out by watching what 5 of our volunteers have to say!

Volunteer Voices

Haronid (Haro) Moncivais photograph

Haronid (Haro) Moncivais
Remote Volunteer, Sr. Software Engineer, Washington
Haro is part of the community of 300+ TEALS volunteers who have been teaching CS remotely since 2012. She teaches at Quincy High School and shares her story about how these students inspire her. Read More >
Navya Prakash photograph

Navya Prakash
Seattle, Software Development Engineer at Amazon
One of many good things about the software industry is that there are so few developers and so many developing jobs, you have the opportunity to choose a job that’s fulfilling to you. You don’t have to settle but can find something where you feel like you’re making a difference… Read More >
Mariah Breakey photograph

Mariah Breakey
Seattle, Software Development Engineer at Microsoft
I was looking for a way to ensure young people didn’t miss the chance to give computer science a try, like I almost did. A friend told me about TEALS, and I signed up. Volunteering in a TEALS classroom has been more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined. Read More >
Minh T. Nguyen photograph

Minh T. Nguyen
New York University, Senior Software Engineer at Google
One Saturday while I was taking the subway home, I bumped into one of my students from the TEALS AP computer science class that I have been volunteering to teach. For the next several stops, we chatted about the program and her plans after high school… Read More >
Atul Hatalkar photograph

Atul Hatalkar
Phoenix, Principal Engineer at Intel
Back in 1980s, while in the 11th grade, I accidentally came across a book on computer programming. At that time, I knew nothing about computers and didn’t have access to one. So I wrote and “ran” my programs only on paper, with absolutely no way to confirm that my code was correct. Read More >
Jim Eiche photograph

Jim Eiche
New York University, Programmer and Software Consultant at Gig Werks
I’m a programmer and software consultant, not a teacher. So when I first started volunteering with TEALS, I was really scared! I worried I’d get to the front of the classroom and freeze, or not know an answer, or be embarrassed. After a few classes that fear goes away. Read More >
Leonardo Souza photograph

Leonardo Souza
Boston, Senior Software Engineer at Firecracker
I love teaching, and I love education—I always have. I used to teach English when I lived in Brazil, where I grew up, and I have worked as a technical instructor. I’m passionate about kids and education, particularly in computer science. After all, I have seen how much it turned around my life. Read More >
Mark Dancho photograph

Mark Dancho
Phoenix, Software Engineer at SanDisk
Not long ago, the head of school at BASIS Chandler sent out an email asking parents to volunteer. My kids go there, and I would love to volunteer, but being a lunchroom monitor was just not my thing. When I found out they were starting the TEALS computer science program… Read More >

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Upcoming Info Sessions

Atlanta, GA | May 9th, 2016 6:30 – 8:00pm

Microsoft Store – Perimeter Mall

Brooklyn, NY | May 11th, 2016 6:30 – 8:30pm

Williamsburg Preparatory High School – 257 North 6th Street (Brooklyn)

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Microsoft – 1 Cambridge Center, 255 Main Street

Providence, RI | May 18th, 2016 6:30 – 8:00pm

Rhode Island College (President’s Dining Room) – 600 Mount Pleasant Avenue

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2016/17 School Partnerships

This map shows the locations of the partner schools we expect to be in the program for the 2016-17 school year. If you don’t see a school in your area, please still apply! We are still accepting schools into the program that may not be listed and remote teaching opportunities are also available to help schools all over the country!