2017-18 Volunteer Applications Are Now Closed

If you are interested in volunteering with TEALS for the 2018-19 school year, our volunteer application will open in February 2018. Please contact us and we’ll put you on our list to remind you when the application does open.


Computer science is a vital and inevitable driver in today’s global innovation economy, but most US high schools are unable to offer rigorous CS courses on their own. Without CS in high schools, our students are missing out on essential computational skills that will help them succeed in any career they wish to pursue, and professional skills that could lead them to economic security in the future.

TEALS helps US high schools build and grow sustainable computer science (CS) programs. We pair volunteer CS professionals across the US with classroom teachers looking to make a lasting impact in their students’ lives. TEALS volunteers help shape students’ futures and career opportunities by providing them with computational knowledge and skills they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

Why are TEALS volunteers critical?

TEALS volunteers help fill the CS education gap for teachers and students alike. Volunteers provide CS expertise and classroom teachers provide educational expertise. Together, this creates the perfect partnership to teach CS in high schools. Over time, TEALS volunteers help classroom teachers teach CS independently and confidently. Our volunteers create a ripple effect that gives current and future students the opportunity to be innovators and creators of technology. The TEALS program is an ideal setting for CS professionals to use their highly-technical skillset to foster the next generation of inventors and coders.

Click here to hear from educators on how TEALS is working to help schools build and grow their CS programs and prepare the world’s future innovators.

“I hadn’t ever thought about what I wanted to do in the future until this year. We’re just a farming town, no one pursues computer science. When I made the decision to go into computer-related stuff it was because of exposure I’ve had through this class. I know this is something I could do for the rest of my life.” – Brendan Van Diest, TEALS student at Quincy High School, Quincy, WA

Why volunteer with TEALS?

Volunteer with TEALS to help change a student’s life and help educate the next generation of developers and computer scientists. Join the effort to educate teachers and students alike and volunteer today!

Want to be a TEALS volunteer?

Follow our quick-start guide for information that will help you understand everything about becoming a TEALS volunteer. If you have more questions, contact us for more information. We’re eager to have more volunteers and happy to answer any remaining questions you may have!

Upcoming Info Sessions

No live info sessions currently scheduled.

View the full info session calendar. Can’t make a live session? View an info session video.

Volunteer Voices

TEALS doesn’t just impact students, it impacts volunteers. Read the stories of TEALS volunteers from all over the country discussing their experiences working in the classroom, why they give their time and how they’re making a difference.

Silvia Doomra photograph

Silvia Doomra
Washington, Program Manager at Microsoft
Not long ago I organized a day that would turn out to be life-changing. I had set up a tour of the Microsoft Redmond campus and one-on-one job shadowing for each of our 20 TEALS students who joined us. Some students got to see high level meetings and… Read More >
Arti Gupta photograph

Arti Gupta
Washington, Software Development Engineer at Microsoft
Everyone wants to make a difference in the world; I’m no exception. When I was looking for a way to leave my mark, I thought of the support I received from professors and TAs when I first discovered computer science. They are a big reason I… Read More >
Navya Prakash photograph

Navya Prakash
Seattle, Software Development Engineer at Amazon
One of many good things about the software industry is that there are so few developers and so many developing jobs, you have the opportunity to choose a job that’s fulfilling to you. You don’t have to settle but can find something where you feel like you’re making a difference… Read More >
Mariah Breakey photograph

Mariah Breakey
Seattle, Software Development Engineer at Microsoft
I was looking for a way to ensure young people didn’t miss the chance to give computer science a try, like I almost did. A friend told me about TEALS, and I signed up. Volunteering in a TEALS classroom has been more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined. Read More >
Minh T. Nguyen photograph

Minh T. Nguyen
New York, Senior Software Engineer at Google
One Saturday while I was taking the subway home, I bumped into one of my students from the TEALS AP computer science class that I have been volunteering to teach. For the next several stops, we chatted about the program and her plans after high school… Read More >
Atul Hatalkar photograph

Atul Hatalkar
Phoenix, Principal Engineer at Intel
Back in 1980s, while in the 11th grade, I accidentally came across a book on computer programming. At that time, I knew nothing about computers and didn’t have access to one. So I wrote and “ran” my programs only on paper, with absolutely no way to confirm that my code was correct. Read More >
Jim Eiche photograph

Jim Eiche
New York, Programmer and Software Consultant at Gig Werks
I’m a programmer and software consultant, not a teacher. So when I first started volunteering with TEALS, I was really scared! I worried I’d get to the front of the classroom and freeze, or not know an answer, or be embarrassed. After a few classes that fear goes away. Read More >
Leonardo Souza photograph

Leonardo Souza
Boston, Senior Software Engineer at Firecracker
I love teaching, and I love education—I always have. I used to teach English when I lived in Brazil, where I grew up, and I have worked as a technical instructor. I’m passionate about kids and education, particularly in computer science. After all, I have seen how much it turned around my life. Read More >

TEALS Partner Schools

Here are the prospective schools we are partnering with for the 2017-18 school year, but the program is growing, new schools are being added and there are remote teaching opportunities available at schools all over the country. So, if you don’t see a school in your area, please still apply!