Volunteer Voices

Silvia Doomra

Washington, Program Manager at Microsoft

Not long ago I organized a day that would turn out to be life-changing. I had set up a tour of the Microsoft Redmond campus and one-on-one job shadowing for each of our 20 TEALS students who joined us. Some students got to see high level meetings and… Read More >

Mark Dancho

Phoenix, Software Engineer at SanDisk

Not long ago, the head of school at BASIS Chandler sent out an email asking parents to volunteer. My kids go there, and I would love to volunteer, but being a lunchroom monitor was just not my thing. When I found out they were starting the TEALS computer science program… Read More >

Jim Eiche

New York, Programmer and Software Consultant at Gig Werks

I’m a programmer and software consultant, not a teacher. So when I first started volunteering with TEALS, I was really scared! I worried I’d get to the front of the classroom and freeze, or not know an answer, or be embarrassed. After a few classes that fear goes away. Read More >

Miki Friedmann

New York, Facebook Software Engineer

I distinctly remember the afternoon in high school physics when I decided that one day, some 20+ years into my career, I’d strike a deal with my employer to teach one class at the local high school in the middle of the day. The idea of being taught by someone with real-world experience… Read More >

Dwight Goins

Colorado, CAO at THOTH Speed Engineers

One day in the TEALS AP Computer Science class I teach, I explained sorting algorithms to my students by having them stand up and arrange themselves, much like an algorithm would do. As we began to move each other around, two students… Read More >

Atul Hatalkar

Phoenix, Principal Engineer at Intel

Back in 1980s, while in the 11th grade, I accidentally came across a book on computer programming. At that time, I knew nothing about computers and didn’t have access to one. So I wrote and “ran” my programs only on paper, with absolutely no way to confirm that my code was correct. Read More >

Tom Malloy

Silicon Valley, retired after almost 40 years in the high tech industry

When I retired, I set a few objectives for myself. After working behind a desk for my entire career I wanted to spend more time in the outdoors. I am blessed with two beautiful grandchildren and I wanted to spend more time with them. I also wanted to find some volunteer opportunities… Read More >

Minh T. Nguyen

New York, Senior Software Engineer at Google

One Saturday while I was taking the subway home, I bumped into one of my students from the TEALS AP computer science class that I have been volunteering to teach. For the next several stops, we chatted about the program and her plans after high school… Read More >

Rohan Pal

Atlanta, CIO and CTO at Recall

I am the proud father of two teenaged boys. I remember being so frustrated for both of them going through school because they didn’t know how to code, and there were no opportunities in school to learn computer science. I even looked around at college campuses… Read More >

Tony Smith

Chicago, Software Engineer at NetherRealm Studios

Programming is a passion of mine and I have spent a lot of time honing this craft. Having the computer effectively work for you is increasingly necessary in today’s world. I enjoy the challenge of teaching an individual a new topic and trying to understand where he or she is struggling… Read More >

Leonardo Souza

Boston, Senior Software Engineer at Firecracker

I love teaching, and I love education—I always have. I used to teach English when I lived in Brazil, where I grew up, and I have worked as a technical instructor. I’m passionate about kids and education, particularly in computer science. After all, I have seen how much it turned around my life. Read More >

Jim Steinberger

New York, Software Architect at DonorsChoose.org

I was a teenager in 1990s suburban Detroit, possibly the first human able/willing to “sing” along to the entire dial-up modem handshake “song” when connecting to America Online. My eyes were opening up to the World Wide Web at the same time they were opening up to the world in general… Read More >

Joanie Weaver

Boston, Microsoft Program Manager

When I was little, my dream job was a teacher. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve still placed “teacher” on the list of jobs I want to have, but I’ve also added more professions to that list. When I heard about TEALS, I was really excited because I realized I had an opportunity to… Read More >

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play video Volunteers make an impact

Volunteers make an impact

TEALS builds sustainable CS high school programs by pairing trained computer science professionals – from across the tech industry – with classroom teachers to team-teach CS. Listen to a few of our volunteers explain what inspires them about volunteering to teach and why teachers believe TEALS is an effective program to help students learn computer science.

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Why volunteer with TEALS?

Volunteer with TEALS to help change a student’s life and help educate the next generation of developers and computer scientists. Join the effort to educate teachers and students alike and volunteer today!

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Computer Science in Every High School

Volunteers from hundreds of companies nationwide have come together to bring computer science opportunities to students who otherwise would not have the chance to learn in schools. TEALS is helping close the gender and diversity gaps in computer science. Learn more about how to volunteer with TEALS here.

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Overview of TEALS

TEALS builds sustainable CS high school programs by pairing trained computer science professionals – from across the tech industry – with classroom teachers to team-teach CS. Learn more about how to volunteer with TEALS here.